Sound Development City 2013 | Selection N°5

09.10.2013 18:07 Sound Development City

This evening, the Sound Development City 2013 expedition reaches its culmination with the final presentation in Marseille. The event features sound installations, audiovisual performances and interactive sould walks, created by the expedition’s artists. The final presentation takes place at La Friche Belle de Mai from 7 until 10 pm - here you can find out more.

Yesterday evening, Sandra Lang and Ana Bigotte Vieira presented the documentary «Bab Septa» (2008), a film by Portugese film makers Pedro Pinho and Frederico Lobo on the topic of migration and the European borders. The film and the discussion after the screening illustrated the link between the history of colonial expeditions and the economic impact of today’s migratory movements. Lang and Vieira believe that these issues have a resonance in France with its ambiguous relation to North Africa and especially in Marseille with its port and constant fluctuation of goods and people.

The 9th and final Sound Development City Radio Transmission featured the Maiden Monsters, Berlin’s most famous fake superstars. The art/band collective’s three core members describe their work as an exploration of the interdependencies between music and performance. Since 2007, they are working in the framework of theatre festivals and institutions, art galleries and music scenes. Recently, they’ve been touring through Europe on the «Tour of Crisis».

Stay tuned to the Sound Development City 2013 expedition’s aftermath on the project website as well as on Facebook.

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