Nits Tribute Concert

28.04.2014 15:27 ARTIST SUPPORT,MELINDA & JURCZOK,Studio Vermietung

The Berne musician clique around Oli Hartung, Eric Facon and Beda Senn and several well-established protagonists of Switzerland’s music scene are coming together for a common cause: the project «ISNT NITS» is a homage to the Dutch cult band Nits. The concert «ISNT NITS» will take place on 3th May. Additionally, Jurkzok 1001 will contribute a short perfomance based on the band’s lyrics, which he wrote especially for this concert evening.

The project «ISNT NITS» includes the production of an cover album with songs by Nits, reinterpreted by Swiss musicians like Büne Huber, Heidi Happy, The Weyers and many others. Some content of the album was recorded in our studio in January 2014. It will be released on 2nd May 2014.

«ISNT NITS» Tribute Concert | 3th May 2014 | 8 pm | Schauspielhaus Pfauen

Dechen Shak-Dagsay | Asia trip


On the basis of good personal contacts which Dechen and her team were able to build over the last years, she decided to make her album «JEWEL» also available in the Asian region. As of early summer 2014, it will be in stores under the name «ASIAN JEWEL».

Aside the CD, this version also contains a DVD with with shoots from the concerts, New York, as well as videos which show Dechen doing Tai Chi patterns. The combination of Tibetan mantras and Chinese Tai Chi should act as a message of peace. Besides, Swiss landscapes are highly popular in Asia – accordingly, the outdoor scenes feature spots in Ticino and Engadin as well as the mountains Titlis and Bürgenstock. Also, the DVD is offered with chinese subtitles – and interviews with the JEWEL ensemble.

To make the music even more accessible to Asians, Dechen and her producer Helge van Dyk could rely on the support of Chinese flute master Tam Po Shek. He introduced them to Mrs. Shau Lin, member of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, which plays her Erhu on some songs on «ASIAN JEWEL». Additionally, these two musicians are also featured on Dechen’s upcoming album «DAY TOMORROW», also to be released in Autumn 2014.

Find out more about Dechen Shak-Dagsay and her Asia trip on Facebook.

Dechen Shak-Dagsay is being supported by the Nia Schmidheiny Foundation.


The Weyers conquer Germany

27.02.2014 11:14 ARTIST SUPPORT

The Weyers are currently planning a Germany tour. Their single Julia is going to be released in Germany on 28th February, their record «Within» on 14th March.

As soon as the tour dates for Germany are set, you will find them here.




Jurczok 1001 and Melinda Nadj Abonji at Theater Basel


Since 1998, Jurczok 1001 collaborates with the writer and musician Melinda Nadj Abonji on a regular basis. Several joint performances are again planned this year. At the international festival ART AFFECTS they present the performance «Im Affekt gesprochen», a profound piece featuring poetic pictures and rhythmic wordplay escapades.

Upcoming live date:

18th February 2014 | 7 pm | Festival ART AFFECTS, Theater Basel

Jurczok 1001 is being supported by the Nia Schmidheiny Foundation.

Jurczok 1001 at Schreinerei

26.11.2013 17:46 ARTIST SUPPORT

Jurczok 1001 performs live at Schreinerei, this Friday 29th November. Beforehand, Shpresa Jashari will be reading from her columns for Strassenmagazin Surprise.

The event starts at 7 pm. Come together!

Jurczok 1001 is being supported by the Nia Schmidheiny Foundation.

Jurczok 1001 and Gabriel at the Sunhill Studio

04.11.2013 16:06 ARTIST SUPPORT

Last week Jurczok 1001 and Gabriel Bachmann went to Patrik Schwitter`s Sunhill Studio once again. They mastered the tracks for their upcoming EP and came back quite excited.

If you are looking for somebody who has dedicated heart and soul to music and is always seeking for creative solutions, Patrik Schwitter is just the right man.

Jurczok 1001 is being supported by the Nia Schmidheiny Foundation.

The Weyers release «Julia»

21.10.2013 10:16 ARTIST SUPPORT

Last week The Weyers launched the video clip to «Julia», the second single from their new album «Within». Meet them live in concert around Switzerland. Rock on…

The Weyers are being supported by the Nia Schmidheiny Foundation.

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