Sound Development City 2013 | Selection N°2

30.09.2013 18:09 Sound Development City

On the last working day in Lisbon, the expedition’s participants organized a fair with contributions from all artists, including sounds, music, books, performances and radio. Sandra Lang and Bigotte Vieira held their «Jeux Sans Frontières» book fair in the headquarter’s courtyard. Due to the weather, it had to be set up in tents, but this inconvenience only added to the inspiringly dense atmosphere.

The Maiden Monsters carried their project «the sound of crisis» once more out to the public, with a musical performance.

Some days before, they already followed the major’s election campaign and were able to persuade him to contribute to the song of crisis.

The Sound Development City crew is now travelling individually to Marseille, the expedition’s second destination. The artists will continue developping their projects while being on the road. Stay tuned to the expedition’s progress on the logbook website and on Facebook.

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